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Ecclat LED Lighting System and Accessories is a brand from the stable of HI-TECH SOLAR APPLIANCES, an ISO:9001-2015 company. Established in the year 1992, HI-TECH SOLAR APPLIANCES began its venture with research on Solar Photo Voltaic cells, obtaining infrastructural facilities from the Semiconductor & Technology Labs – IIT Madras.
Enhanced with the In-house facilities in the later phases, the focus that followed on the innovation, quality, relentless R&D procedures and performance heralded the outcome of various other products. Some of the key milestones in our journey

  • 1992-93:Started manufacturing emergency lamps using CFL using a novel design concept to achieve 360 illumination using parabolic reflectors
  • 1993-94:Commencement of manufacturing Power Electronics related products starting with domestic UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from 100VA to 3 KVA, Battery Chargers, Stabilizers, Chord-less phone UPS etc, incorporating the-State-of-the art Technologies under the commercial brand name of “Power Haven
  • 1995-96:Developed Online UPS with Linear technology catering up to 5KVA for computers
  • 1998-99:Production of first of its kind Offline UPS with AVR along with In-built and external battery option for computers delivering stepped-sine wave output with cold start facility
  • 1999-00:Development of unique Global Power Source (UPS for both computers and lighting) for first time in India

2000-02: The Millennium Leap

  • Manufactured Online UPS with HF-PWM up to 30KVA
  • Analysis,Design, Development and Implementation of static frequency converters (3Phase 400Hz) for ground powering units in Indian Air Force
  • Design and construction of 3Phase Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for Indian Railways (Motor Control Applications)
  • SMPSbased Battery Chargers and Power Supplies for Industrial Applications (Accessories for Textile Machinery and Equipments)
  • Supply of Textile Mill rated UPS for Online Equipment (Yarn Clearer) as OE to a leading manufacturer in India
  • Designed and developed state-of-the-art AC drives using Microcontrollers and DSP for different applications
  • Manufactured Instrumentation Panels for Indian Air Force


  • Design and Development of Embedded Controls along with AC Drive for Treadmills enabling conversion of Manual Treadmills to AC Motor Powered Treadmills
  • Design of Specialized High Torque AC Motor for Treadmill
  • Commencement of “SupremeFit” branded treadmills, India’s only indigenous AC Motorized Treadmill with Direct Company Retail Sales across the Southern States of TamilNadu, Pondicherry, Kerala and Karnataka


  • Commencement of Power Electronics and Embedded Controls Solution Consultancy for various companies involving solutions for Tyre Inflator, Chicken Feeder, Cooling Towers, Color Sorting Machines, Mosquito Swatter, LED lighting for Transport Fleet vehicles etc


  • Development of DSP based Sine wave UPS and Inverter with first of its kind LCD display capable of working on both normal mains and Solar power
  • Design and Manufacture of Specialized AC Induction Motors for various applications
  • Design and development of LED drivers for Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial environment with surge and high voltage protection with active PFC
  • Manufacture of LED lighting solutions (ECCLAT) for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial establishments using Power and SMD LEDs


  • Complete automated assembly line for THROUGH HOLE & SMT was installed with PICK & PLACE, REFLOW OVEN, and CNC COIL WINDING, DIP SOLDERING with conveyer etc.

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